Thursday, March 9, 2017

Top 5 Supporting Actresses in 2016

Lily Gladstone as Jamie
Certain Women

Simply my favorite performance of 2016.

Felicity Jones as Mum
A Monster Calls

Not a fan of her at all, but she made a complete 180 last year with her trifecta of great performances and this one's my beloved of the three.

Greta Gerwig as Abbie
20th Century Women

A nomination for Greta is also a nomination for Elle. Seriously, everyone in 20th Century Women was amazing, it just so happen that Greta is more eye-catching. And I love her!

Riley Keough as Krystal
American Honey

Sasha Lane's 'Star' is tough, but Riley Keough's 'Krystal' is tougher. I could say that she's the best part of American Honey but a lot of things are great in it. Just look at that face, and that glare.

Dakota Johnson as Penelope
A Bigger Splash

Say what you will about Dakota but this actress is underrated as hell, especially in A Bigger Splash where she made every scene she's in interesting even without saying a word.